About me

From a young age I was already intensively engaged in make-up and care

products. Because of my natural ability to deal with people, although I
was trained to be a beautician, I decided to go a different way.

The passion has become more intense over the years and I have felt more
and more clearly that I can give people something special and also
wanted to do so.

So I started my second education as a beautician and make-up artist.
This was for me also the entrance into the independence. So I am owner
of the cosmetics institute Chill & Style since 2009. By passion, I
offer professionally performed cosmetic treatments, adapted to the skin
type and the individual wishes of my customers.

I continuously develop my range of knowledge and experience with
different courses and further training courses. During my training at
eidg.dipl. Imageberater, I was able to expand the offer with image
consulting, wardrobe check, shopping support, color and fashion advice
for women and men.