Face care


My guiding principle for facial care:

"Nature gives us the face that we have at 20.
Life gives us the face that we have at 30.
But the face we have at 50, we must deserve ourselves"

Originally Posted by Coco Chanel


QMS Medicosmetics - QMS Medicosmetics stands for high-performance skin care according to the principle "When you look good - you feel good!" The Pflegel line belongs to the highest-quality collections in the industry and enjoys the highest reputation worldwide.
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med beauty swiss by Dr. Gerny The product range of Med Beauty Swiss is so extensive that there is a dermatological response to every skin problem, also preventive.
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Treatments with !QMS Medicosmetics
Pure Qxygen treatment
One of our top anti-aging treatments, where the active ingredients are applied effectively and sustainably to the skin with 95% pure oxygen concentrate. The intensified supply of oxygen supports the blood circulation and stimulates the regeneration process of the skin. A particularly effective treatment that immediately provides a firm, smooth and radiant skin.
90min / 220 Fr.
Deep Cleanse Intense
Intensively porous cleansing and moisturizing facial treatment. After the preliminary peeling the skin is optimally prepared for the sensational soothing and intensively moisturizing algae model. The skin texture is streamlined, smoothed and healthy. Alternatively, a 45 minute Shortened deep cleanse treatment.
60min / 150 Fr.
Intense Collagen Rejuvenation
A modified anti-aging treatment with the unique! QMS Medicosmetics collagen system for the highest demands. The skin is first prepared with deep cleansing and exfoliant fluid for the subsequent algae model. Subsequently, the moisture content of the skin is significantly increased by applying 70% naturally soluble collagens by intensively hydrating the skin and promoting cell renewal. A treatment specially developed for the rejuvenation and revitalization of the skin image. Also suitable for sensitive skin.
90min / 220 Fr.
Skin Cell Renewal
Anti-aging facial treatment to support the function of the hauteigen stem cells. The cell formation of the skin is stimulated sustainably and their metabolism as a whole is intensified. The skin smoothens and solidifies. With the Ion Skin Equalizer, which is preferred for treatment as a moisturizer, a skin-breaking anti-aging skincare duo is used, which helps to restore the extracellular matrix and to make the pigmentation of the skin easier.
90min / 250 Fr.
Activator treatment
An immediately revitalizing facial treatment with a feeling of well-being. Using innovative technology, new energy is donated while active ingredients are added. Makes the skin look firmer, fresher and radiant.
45min / 120 Fr.
Med Treatment
Treatment for problem skin, freed from impurities, soothes inflammation and regenerates the basic functions of the skin. An important treatment with a! QMS Medicosmetics Med Set, specially developed for problematic skin.
60min / 90 Fr.
SK Alpha Revital treatment
The ideal facial treatment and perfect therapy for damaged, dull and tired skin with softening effect. With the highly revitalizing SK Alpha mask as a basis, the microcirculation is effectively stimulated and the skin shines almost. An excellent preparation for special occasions.
75min or 90min /
155 or 180 Fr.
Neo Tissudermie treatment
This treatment, designed to strengthen and regenerate mature skin, has a soothing and firming effect in tired and weakened skin. The skin structure is thus optically refined and revitalized. ! QMS Neck & More is used to tighten the contours of the neck part as well as the décolleté and counteract the loss of elasticity caused by the skin aging.
90min / 200 Fr.


Complementary treatments with !QMS Medicosmetics (Add-On)
LipZone Repair
Designed to smooth the fine lines and wrinkles on the upper lip area, this treatment combines effective peeling with a specially formulated serum to accentuate the lip contour and make this sensitive facial area youthful and smooth.
20min / 30 Fr.
Eye Reviver 
An excellent relaxation treatment for tired and swollen eyes. Thanks to the intensive supply of moisture, the eye area is well-perfumed, refreshed and smoothed.
15min / 30 Fr.


Treatments with med beauty swiss by Dr. Gerny
Facial treatment standard 60min / 125 Fr.
90min / 160 Fr.
Skin Clear by Gly clean
Effective help with impure and acne prone skin
Dynamic Firming by DermaFlavon
Valuable phytohormones for mature, demanding skin
Hydro Skin by HydroBasic
Optimal moisturizing of the skin


Special treatments available in any treatment or individually bookable
Oxygen 20min / 45 Fr.
Skin rejuvenation with IPL / SHR 20min / 100 Fr.
Radio frequency Per zone / 69 Fr.
Brows & Eyelashes
Eyelashes dyed in treatment 20 Fr.
Eyelashes dye without treatment 20min / 30 Fr.
Eyebrow tint in treatment 20 Fr.
Eyebrow tint without treatment 20min / 30 Fr.
Eyelashes and eyebrow tint in treatment 35 Fr.
Eyelash and eyebrow tint without treatment 55 Fr.
Eyebrow correction 30 Fr.