Hair removal


IPL/SHR: A technique of permanent hair removal that combines all the experience of laser technology with the advantages of the IPL pulse light method.

70 Fr.
Upper lip 35 Fr.
Chin 35 Fr.
Chin with upper lip 70 Fr.
Neck 45 Fr.
Armpits 75 Fr.
Whole arms 220 Fr.
Upper arms 120 Fr.
Underarms 100 Fr.
Hands 35 Fr.
Whole arms and hands 225 Fr.
Stomach 65 Fr.
Whole legs and feet 230 - 280 Fr.
Upper legs 120 - 150 Fr.
Lower legs 110 Fr.
Feet 35 Fr.
Bikini line 75 Fr.
Bikini large 100 - 125 Fr.



Why do you need several treatments?

Only about 20% of the hair can be reduced per session for the following reason: Living hair: They develop, grow, and eventually die. It is called the growth phase. The hair roots lie in different depths of the skin. Since not all hair in the body can be in the same growth phase, it is clear that only a certain percentage of hair roots can be reached and destroyed during a treatment.

Before treatment

In order to ensure optimal treatment, the following should be avoided 14 days before the first treatment: 

  • Epilating
  • wax
  • Pluck out the hair with a pair of tweezers
  • bleaching the hair
  • Use of depilatory creams
  • No solarium visit
  • 3 days before the treatment you must shave the areas to be treated.
  • One day before the treatment, do not irritate the swimming pool, the sauna or the skin by other means.

IPL or laser?

While lasers provide a fixed wavelength, IPL devices have a broad spectrum of light and can better adapt to hair thickness and hair color to remove them.

Treatment course

Permanent hair removal is only possible in the active growth phase (anagen phase). In this phase, the melanin concentration is highest and the hair is firmly attached to the root. Approximately 1/3 of the body's hair is always in this phase, so that during a treatment about 20% of the hair roots are permanently destroyed by the pulse light. The hair type and the growth of the hair are dependent on the ethnic origin, the age, the body region, the hormonal system and any medication. The number of individual sessions is therefore very individual, but it must be realistic with about 8 & 10 sessions.

Is hair removal really permanent?

It would be dubious to tell you all your hair would never grow again, but the IPL method can free you from unsightly hairpins for many years. Depending on the nature of the hair, the skin and your lifestyle, it may happen that after a certain time a few hair regrowth again. However, these are usually thinner and not so dark. An after-treatment would also make these disappear for a long time.