"What does she have what I do not have?", ask millions of women when they see the newest Hollywood stars on the cover of their favorite illustrious. The answer is simple: A capable stylist who is styling the woman from next door at short notice to the Diva. As a make-up artist, I understand how to highlight the advantages of faces and to conceal their flaws! Let them be carried away for a short time to a dream world without borders. Share with me my passion for beauty and my flair for aesthetics.

Type-appropriate make-up
55 Fr.
Evening make-up 75 Fr.
Wedding make-up (including consultation and sample make-up) 250 Fr.
Make-up for the mature woman 50 Fr.
Eyewear Make-Up (Wide / Short Sight) 50 Fr.
Teenie make-up 40 Fr.
Photo make-up ab 80 Fr.
Styles (20s - 90s) effort
Fantasy make-up effort
Catwalk effort
Eyelashes stick 30 Fr.
Body Camouflage effort
Additional services
Extra material, e.g. Stone, gold According to value of goods
Freelancer Daily package (6-9h) Price on request
Freelancer half day (4-5h) Price on request
Freelancer per hour including consumables from 100 Fr.



Personal make-up advice
120min / 150 Fr.
Make-up training for 2 people or more
on demand