Revitalash Advanced 3.5ml

Eyelash conditioner

Stunning eyelashes in just 30 days.

RevitaLash ADVANCED is a revolutionary cosmetic formula for the visible changes in eyelashes caused by stress and the normal aging process.

A proprietary BioPeptinComplex and natural botanical ingredients provide superior protection against brittleness and fragility. They give the eyelashes moisture, flexibility and luster.

APPLICATION: Clean the eyes thoroughly and completely free of grease residues (we recommend an oil-free eye-mask remover).

Apply once daily as an eyeliner to the eyelid.

Once the desired effect has been achieved, it is sufficient to obtain this result by applying a 1-3 times weekly application.

TEST PROOF: A positive result with more than 97% of the users.

Over 92% of the testers confirmed the immediate skin care effects, which lead to healthier looking luscious eyelashes after only 30 days.

The result is as long as the serum is used.

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