Gentle and clearing facial cleansing

Effective and gentle

  • gentle and clearing facial cleansing
  • soothing and cooling effect
  • delicate and caring skin feel
  • against impure or oily skin
  • innovative and practical application: "2in1" - cleansing and caring

Dermatology that tends to impcleans back to normal - this is the mission of all GLYCLEAN products. At the center of the GLYCLEAN line is the pleasant feeling on your skin. A good care concept and high-quality medical-cosmetic ingredients have a lasting effect.

Application: Apply the Pure Foam to the cleansed palm or directly onto the facial skin and massage gently over the whole area (avoid eye parts). This results in a slightly cool foam mask with a cleaning effect, which should normally act on the skin for approx. 2-3 minutes. Then the skin should be cleaned first with Tonic or water and then the appropriate day or night care should be applied.

150 ml

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